Sunday, November 1, 2009


This year was the first year we've lived in our house, so the first year for trick-or-treaters! Also, it was Tyson's first Halloween.

I was planning on having him outside with me with his costume on to give out candy. Then I read that thats not such a great idea, because dogs might get scared of weird looking children and people in costumes, so its best to just keep them away.

Well, I wanted to give it a try, especially since we had such a cute costume for him!
It also has a hat with devil horms, but it wouldnt stay on. Every time he shook his head, it fell off.

The first TOT's (trick or treaters) rang the doorbell, which set him off barking at the kids through the glass storm door. But they werent scared off! haha! they wanted their candy!

Then I was outside when my neighbor and his little boy walked up. Tyson started barking a little because he allllllways barks at the neighbors. I think Tyson thinks that his property is like the Lion King- everything the sun touches is his Kingdom. :)

But after that, I stood outside with the bowl of candy (there were sooooooo many kids!!!) and he watched through the door, no barking or anything!!

Watching the kids outside.

He was soooo good!

I think I get too paranoid and too aware of all of his bad behaviors. I have to stop and realize that most dogs have the same bad habits. He really is a very good dog. I was reading people's status's on facebook, and a lot of people were saying the same thing about their dogs, that they go crazy when the doorbell rings. It sounds like Tyson behaved even better than some of the others!!

Im so proud of him :)


  1. and you should be proud.. he's such a good boy!
    Even Cayce, who I think is the best behaved doggy ever, gets a little anxious with all the trick or treaters!

  2. thanks Jess! and yes, Cayce is the best behaved dog ever. I love her nighttime routine!