Monday, October 12, 2009

The No-No Can

We have implemented a new behavior modification strategy and it IS. WORKING! We have heard of success with a can full of pennies or a water bottle to deter dogs from bad behavior, but it hadnt worked before. He kinda liked the water spray bottle and would lick the droplets from his nose. The can of pennies would scare the cat and make him run, resulting in Tyson chasing him. Not good.

However, Tyson has been really into sniffing our food while we're trying to eat it lately. So, when he tried that tonight (apparently my homemade chili smelled really good!), I went and got the can'o'pennies and shook it at him twice. He tried to come over again, I shook it again. About 5 minutes later, he tried Matt's. I shook it at him again. He ran away, and stayed in the kitchen while we were eating in the living room. wooooooooooow!!!

When he was little, he thought the can was great fun and enjoyed barking at it. But apparently now that he's older, he respects it!

YaY! Even when we were done eating and still sitting on the couch, he didnt want to come over to us. hoooooooooray.

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  1. My GSD was a Marley wannabe for the first year. Now at three he is totally calmed down and patient. In other words the virtue of patience does at lot of good with the intelligent and willfull dogs! :)