Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm a proud momma!

Tyson is about 19 months old now, which means he is technically still a puppy for a GSD, but he is calming down, so that is wonderful! He is listening better when we tell him *not* to do things, and he is generally calmer in most situations.

I took him to doggie daycare today, since we were having house repairs done, and he wouldn't be allowed downstairs. plus, having strange men in the house really stresses him out!

The lady taking care of him just runs a doggie daycare out of her home, not like Camp Bow Wow where we usually send him. She is tons cheaper, and we went to the same church when I was little, so I like to take my business to people I know, if possible.
She is in a wheelchair or walks on crutches, so I was a little concerned Tyson might be too rambunctious for her. I think she was a little hesitant when she saw how big he was! He's almost 95 lbs, so she was surprised he was so big, and I was apprehensive leaving him with her, in case he got rowdy. However, she is a dog trainer (she trains service dogs) so I figured she could handle him.

She said he was an ANGEL. He got along really well and played gently with her 10 week old lab puppy, as well as her golden retriever. She said the Sherriff's Dept. comes over to check on her once a week, and they came today and loved him. She said he was very polite and a joy to have!!

Whaddayakno? That is just such a relief for me to hear. I feel like a proud parent right now! It is great to know that I can leave him at a strange house with a strange person and strange dogs, and he can still get along well. I know part of that is his genetics & temperament, but I can take a little credit, can't I?!

With German Shepherd Dogs, you have to work so hard to make sure they know you're in control, and for them to obey you in all situations. Now I know he is nowhere near as trained as a police or service dog....he still has some behavioral quirks that I can't quite get under control, but I am quite proud of myself and him!

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  1. That is great news! One less thing to worry about. :)