Sunday, October 11, 2009

First post!

Well, I would love to blog about my dog all day long, but unfortunately, people would get bored. So I created a separate blog juuuust for my baby boy, Tyson :) This way, I can write just about him and you don't have to read it if you don't want to!

I can use this to look back at patterns in his behavior, or hell, just to relive old memories!!

For the first post, I would like to post a variety of pictures from when we first got him until now. He has really turned into a great dog. We knew it from the beginning!
This is my husband holding him on the way home from the breeder's house in Charlotte. I guess I should pause here and say why we got a German Shepherd. My grandma always had German Shepherds. My mom had them when she was younger, and I have been around at least one at a time since I was born, until my grandma passed away when I was in 9th grade, and her dog passed away not long after. Matt, my husband, has wanted a German Shepherd since he was 12 years old. He met some of his uncle's girlfriend's GSDs, and never looked back. He got a "shepherd mix" puppy from the pound, but all that dog had was shepherd coloring. He looked like a dashchund with long black and tan hair lol. So when we got married, we decided that we would get a German Shepherd Dog. We got Tyson just before Thanksgiving break, so I could stay at home with him during the break to train him. We couldnt bear the thought of getting a puppy and then leaving him in a crate for 8 hours.

This is Matt's favorite picture of Tyson. His first night home :) He was a SOLID puppy! Look how thick his legs are!

This is my favorite picture of Tyson. Well, favorite puppy picture. This was his second day home, when I spent the whole day with him and he became *mine*.

Look! His ears are starting to come up! To this day, the one on the left is up really firm, but the right one is up, but still flops at the tip when he runs.

Tyson with me and my two Columbia besties. Well, make that Columbia bestie and Oklahoma bestie :) His markings are so handsome. Look at those ears, trying to get up, but flopping to the side!

Can you believe he is only 4 months old?? He was gaining 10 lbs for every month- he weighed 40 lbs.

This is in February, on the snow day. I made a snowball off the patio table and he enjoyed tasting it.

Haha what an awkward teenager! See that left ear(his left) still isnt up all the way!

And all the sudden he looks grown!

The following are my favorite pictures of him...They were taken on my iPhone while he was calmly laying on the ottoman (while I was sitting in the chair). Then a bird calling outside made him look out the window...gorgeous.

I think the last one really captures the beauty and majesty of this breed. He is so intent on what he is listening to, yet if I called his name, he would look at me and do what I commanded.

He just licked my is the good picture out of this photoshoot:
And I'll leave you with one more series of pictures, taken on our new Canon EOS Rebel- put it on sports mode and kept on clicking while my brother was playing frisbee with him.

Okay so maybe just one picture. That one took a long time to upload, since that camera takes such high-res pics.

To sum it up, this dog was supposed to be for my husband. I was never a dog person until we got Tyson. Now I am obsessed with my sweet boy.

There are great and not-so-great things about owning a German Shepherd Dog...but I'll have to go into more detail on the next post.

See ya around!

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